EURAXESS Links Countries

In this section you can find the list of countries where a EURAXESS Links community of European researchers abroad is available.

The first EURAXESS Links was successfully launched in 2006, addressed to the European researchers' community in the United States. The choice of the US for the first experience was self-evident, given the particularly high number of European researchers there and considering the deepness of the ties the European research community maintains with that country.

EURAXESS Links was launched in Japan in June 2008, in China in December 2009 and in Singapore in November 2010 given their strategic importance to the European Science & Technology policy and also thanks to the high commitment of local stakeholders to the idea.

In 2012 EURAXESS Singapore became the EURAXESS Links ASEAN Hub, encompassing Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand.

In May 2013 EURAXESS Links was launched also in Brazil whereas EURAXESS Links USA has become the EURAXESS Links North-America hub.