What happens after my registration?
After registration you will receive your password by e-mail. Using it, you can connect to your personal home page where the following services are available:
  • Search agents
    You can run, edit or delete your search agent(s) or turn on the alert function, which activates one or more search agents, each containing one of your stored queries. Active agents will regularly look for jobs matching these queries and send you details of any they find by e-mail.
  • Edit CV
    You can post your CV - a combination of free-text fields and drop-down options - to the Portal. Your CV will be stored in the Portal database and, after checking by our back-office staff, it will be available for consultation by registered organisations. You can modify or delete your CV at any time by connecting to the Portal and selecting "Edit CV" or "Delete your CV" from your home page.
  • Account settings
    Here you can modify your e-mail address and change your password.
Who will have access to my CV?
Your CV will be visible only to registered organisations. Information on registered researchers will not be made available to third parties.
May I send you my CV in Word format?
No. If you would like to post your CV to the Portal you must use the form provided (see FAQ about "Edit my CV", within your personal homepage)
How long is my CV stored in the database?
As long as you want, but every six (6) months you will be invited to update your CV.
May I delete my CV from your database? How?
Yes, go to your personal home page, click on "Delete your CV" and confirm.