Privacy Statement


The Specific e-Service
The EURAXESS Jobs will provide information about the largest possible number of fellowships and grants from public and private organisations at international, European, national, regional and local level which are accessible, in a commonly agreed format on both the EURAXESS Jobs and the information provider's portal or web-site.
It will also guarantee access to research job vacancies from a variety of sources through the implementation of inter-operational protocols. Moreover, it will provide, whenever possible, information about issues related to national regulations, administrative and cultural issues relevant to researchers and their family members when moving from one country to another, as well as about policy issues relevant to mobile researchers. To contact the responsible Controller for the processing, please use this address:
What personal information do we collect, for what purpose and
through which technical means?
Identification Data
The portal offers organisations the possibility to advertise for free their research job vacancies that will be made available for browsing to portal users. There is no restriction in browsing data collected. Research job vacancies are available for modification only to the portal administrator acting on behalf of the Controller. However, registered organisations are able to look for suitable candidates (through the EURAXESS Jobs CV and Job database) according to detailed and tailored-made parameters corresponding to their specific recruitment needs. If these organisations reprocess the CV information obtained, this processing has to be in compliance with Regulation 45/2001 on the protection of personal data or the national law, implementing Directive 95/46/EC, of the respective country of residence of the organisation inside the EU.
Technical information
Information is made available for searching to users of RMP and verified by the site administrator acting on behalf of the Controller. The EU will not use organisations' information on vacancies for any form of commercial advertising, nor will it make information on research job vacancies posted by registered organisations available for market development on a commercial basis.
Who has access to your information and to whom is it disclosed?
Information is made available for searching to researchers interested in finding research job vacancies around Europe. Organisation's name and email address used to register it will be made available on the portal to facilitate contacts between users registering the same organisation. The site administrator acting on behalf of the Controller verifies information. The Commission will not share information under any circumstances with third parties for any other purpose. The service is completely free of charge and it may not be used for any form of commercial advertising. Information on researchers seeking for a research job vacancy or for registered organisations will not be made available for market development on a commercial basis.
How do we protect and safeguard your information?
Access is granted to registered users or organisations on the basis of a password-protected account.
How can you verify, modify or delete your information?
After insertion in the portal, data will be available for modification at any time. To this end it is sufficient to connect to the portal using both the personal account and modify button. Data can be removed from the system. Data are periodically controlled for correctness and completeness; organisations will be asked by e-mail to update their research job vacancies. The Controller reserves the right to delete without prior warning any information regarded as unlawful, unethical or in any other way unsuitable. Misuse of the EURAXESS Jobs can result in deletion from the EURAXESS Jobs database without prior warning.
How long do we keep your data?
Research job vacancies which have not been modified in the preceding three months are removed from the system. There is no archiving of removed data.
Contact Information
For any questions or to post complaints about the service, please write to the following e-mail address:
Complaints, in case of conflict, can be addressed to the European Data Protection Supervisor.