What happens after my registration?
After registration you receive your password by e-mail. Using it, you can connect to your personal home page where the following services are available:
  • CV search
    This allows you to search the EURAXESS Jobs CV database using the built-in selection criteria and/or free text. Your search can be saved in a search agent (see FAQ about "Search Agent") and managed through the search agent menu. The search result will be a list of CVs corresponding to your criteria. You can look at the details of the CV and send messages to one or more candidates. Messages are stored in the system so that you can look them up later or delete them.
  • Search agents
    You can run, edit or delete your search agent(s) or turn on the alert function, which activates one or more search agents, each containing one of your stored queries. Active agents will regularly look for CVs matching these queries and send you details by e-mail of any they find.
  • Edit Job Vacancies
    You can post your research job vacancies to the Portal by filling in the form which is a combination of free-text fields and drop-down options. Your job vacancies will be stored in the Portal database and, after checking by our back-office staff, they will be available on the Portal's home page in the "Latest Job Offers".
    You can modify or delete your job vacancies at any time just by connecting to the Portal and selecting the vacancy.
  • Organisation Data (only for the main contact)
    This allows you to modify your organisational data.
  • Account settings
    This allows you to modify your e-mail address and password.
Where does my company's name appear?
A registered and approved organisation will appear in the List of registered organisations where links provided during registration. Registered organisations are classified by Country. The organisation's name will also appear when you post job vacancies.
What is the difference between an "Editing procedure On-Line" and "Off-line"?
"On line" means that you submit job vacancies directly on the Portal.
"Off line" you submit job vacancies by sending an XML file to the Portal. Click here to get the "Editing offline guide".
How can I edit my "organisation data"?
You can modify your organisation's data via your personal home page. The only fixed value is the organisation's name. Please contact us if you need to change or modify it.
How long does it take to see my job published? And where can I find it?
Jobs posted on the Portal are checked by our back-office staff before publication. They are normally available after one working day. They are displayed both in the "Latest Job Offers" and in the "Research Job Vacancies" sections of the Portal's home page.
You can browse job offers grouped by Country Organisation, Research field and Marie Curie Vacancies.
What is "Create a new account"?
It is a function enabling you to register your colleagues as users from your organisation. You will have different passwords but only one, common "organisation id" (see related FAQ)
How long is my job vacancy posted?
After three (3) months on the Portal you will be asked to update your job vacancy, unless its expiry date is reached before that.
Can I post my job for a shorter time period?
Yes. From the "edit job vacancies" page you can:
  • Update your data,
  • Close the opportunity if you have found a candidate,
  • Delete the opportunity if it is no longer valid.
How can I renew an expired job posting?
You need to edit it and update your job from your personal home page.