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Science4Refugees Marie Curie Actions funded job vacancy PhD position in the H2020 EJD program VIPER: PhD position in the H2020 EJD program VIPER: Industrial design tools for periodic structures – geometry/functional analyses

PhD position in the H2020 Marie Sklodowska Curie Action VIPER – Vibro-acoustics of Periodic Medio with a focus on Industrial design tools for periodic structures – geometry/functional analyses


PhD Position description:
Objectives: Industrial designs built from periodic structure are often computationally expensive since the small geometry of the unit cell of the periodic structure drives the numerical mesh size. Since often the geometry of the unit cell is small compared to the governing wavelengths, the speed of design tools can be speed up by making simplified models which only capture the relevant physics to investigate wave propagation.

Global treatment of structural-acoustic paths in a typical construction.

Industrial design tools for periodic structures with stop band behaviour will be investigated through
1. Investigation of homogenisation approaches based on unit cell modelling. Modelling of a unit cell of the periodic structure allow deriving the effective parameters to describe wave propagation in the low frequency regime.
2. Investigation of simplified resonator design; for different realisations of resonant inclusions that induce stop band behaviour, the equivalent parameters should be identified such that the resonant inclusion can be modelled by an equivalent mass-spring system. A correspondence between characteristic thicknesses of the resonant inclusions and the equivalent parameters will be defined for the meta-material applications developed at KU Leuven.
3. Based on the homogenisation of the host structure and a simplified resonant system model of the resonant inclusions, large structure can be investigated add a low cost. This will allow investigation of methods of combining stop bands such as: multiple layers of stop band materials, multiple resonant inclusions combined in one material or resonant systems with multiple resonances.
Apart from functional aspects, the design tool should also incorporate information coming from the manufacturing process, and then especially towards dealing with issues on variability and non-perfectness of the production approaches adopted. This to ensure truly robust design.
Expected Results: These three steps will lead to a reduction in computation time for complex structures. First prediction of wave propagation in and acoustic behaviour of complex periodic structures can be performed based on a detailed vibroacoustic unit cell of the periodic structures. This will allows first optimizations to be performed fast and cheaply.
PhD conditions and contacts:
This position refers to a Joint PhD degree between KU Leuven in Belgium and University of Bristol in the UK. The main part of the research will be developed at KU Leuven with a secondment to University of Bristol.

Nr of positions available : 1

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Engineering - Mechanical engineering

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Early stage researcher or 0-4 yrs (Post graduate)

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Degree Master Degree or equivalent
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