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PhD scholarship in the area of Construction

Research group EMIB (Energy and Materials in Infrastructure and Buildings) of the Faculty of Applied Engineering is looking for a promising talent for a full-time PhD scholarship in the area of  Construction. You prepare a doctoral thesis on the topic of Energy Retrofitting of Construction Details or Asphalt Pavement Solar Collectors. You contribute to teaching (to a limited extent) and research in the domain of Construction at the Faculty of Applied Engineering.


The projects

Energy Retrofitting of Construction Details

The candidate will write a research proposal concerning the impact of construction details on the energy performance, thermal comfort and cost-benefit analysis of typical Belgian dwellings. The proposition will include modelling of the building physics behaviour to define the risk of each construction detail and designing solutions to insulate the thermal bridges (keeping in mind the structural integrity of the building).
The technologic impact comprises the energy performance, the thermal comfort and the acoustic performance of the original and retrofitted construction details. The financial aspects will give insight in the investment costs and energy savings that will be generated by the energy retrofit strategies. Depending on the background and interests of the candidate, the proposal will define a methodology to investigate these factors and combine them so that an integrated approach is possible to decide if a renovation project is economically viable or not.

Asphalt Pavement Solar Collectors

Development of a FE model of an asphalt pavement collector to predict the asphalt and water temperature depending on actual weather data (available through the MeteoNorm software) and different input parameters. Comparison with real life measurements on a large scale prototype including a weather station.
Investigation of the thermal properties of different asphalt compositions: what are they, how can they be improved, how are they influenced by ageing or temperature, …
Research on the influence of rainfall and snow on the asphalt temperature.
Determine and investigate feasible applications of an asphalt collector, e.g. to improve the efficiency of an existing Aquifer or Borehole Thermal Energy System, direct usage of the heat and cold energy in a retirement home or a supermarket, de-icing of important access points or a runway, parking decks, …
Determine the influence on the mechanical properties and lifetime of an asphalt pavement with a collector system.

Profile and requirements

You hold a Master’s degree  in Industrial Engineering – Construction/Electromechanics, Applied Engineering Sciences – Construction/Electromechanics, Civil/Electromechanical Engineering or Architectural Engineering or equivalent. Students in the final year of their degree may also apply.
You can submit outstanding study results.
Your research interests match the research programme of EMIB. Have a look at our website for more details.
You are keen to present the results of your own research and the team’s research in academic publications.
The emphasis in your teaching corresponds to the educational vision of the University of Antwerp (
Your academic qualities comply with the requirements stipulated in the university’s research policy (;
You have a sound knowledge of Dutch and English, both in speaking and writing.

Nr of positions available : 1

Please note that the full description may be available in the national language since some job boards have their own publication policy. Thank you for your understanding!

Research Fields

Engineering - Electrical engineering
- Industrial engineering

Career Stage

Early stage researcher or 0-4 yrs (Post graduate)

Research Profile

Not defined

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