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Marie Curie Actions funded job vacancy Super-resolution imaging and quantitative analysis for 2PM and STED-2PM

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The position is a 12 months position for Experienced Researchers (ER).
The researcher will study and develop novel algorithms to enhance the resolution of two-photon microscopy (2PM) images by relying on convex optimization techniques. The expected outcome is a prototype implementation of the algorithms that will be experimentally tested and validated in collaboration with University of Bordeaux. Furthermore, the researcher will define end-user needs for visualization and processing of 2PM and Stimulated Emission Depletion (STED)-2PM images. The algorithms implemented during the project should preferably rely on parallel and distributed computation (e.g. on a cloud infrastructure). A secondment at University of Bordeaux (3 months) will be exploited to get hands-on acquaintance with 2PM techniques.


∙ Design and development of algorithms to enhance 2PM image resolution
∙ Design and development of algorithms for knowledge extraction from 2PM raw data
∙ Design and development of a web-based GUI application for data visualization

Tasks and methodology
∙ Computer vision and image analysis
∙ Convex optimization techniques
∙ Supervised and semi-supervised machine learning with regularization
∙ Parallel and distributed computation on cloud-based infrastructures

Skills to be acquired:
-theory and methodology to develop novel algorithms in image analysis,
-convex optimization and machine learning;
-software development for quantitative analysis of bioimages and complex data visualization.

With all other trainess of the Marie Curie ITN Nano2fun, the recruited ER will follow well-structured and targeted training activities, which will ensure that all trainees will have a common knowledge background in the basic research field relevant to the nano2fun project ( as well and in complementary skills, including professional conduct, communication and exploitation of the results, grant-writing, career-planning, etc. The direct involvement in the training program of private sector actors ensures thorough training into IP issues, spin-off creation and management, etc.

Nr of positions available : 1

Research Fields

Information science
Computer science

Career Stage

Experienced researcher or 4-10 yrs (Post-Doc)

Research Profiles

Recognised Researcher (R2)

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Required Languages
Language ENGLISH
Language Level Good
Required Education Level
Degree Field Technology
Degree PhD or equivalent
Additional Requirements
Candidates must not have resided, worked or studied in Italy for more than 12 months in the 3 years prior to the time of recruitment. Compulsory national service and/or short stays are not taken into account.
proved experience in scientific programming using interpreted (matlab/python/R) and/or compiled languages (C/C++), both preferred.
The candidate must at the time of recruitment be EITHER in possession of a doctoral degree, OR have at least four years full-time equivalent research experience. This is measured from the date when the researcher obtained the degree which formally entitles him/her to embark on a doctorate in the country in which the degree was obtained. In both cases, they should have less than 5 years of full-time equivalent research experience.

Example 1): a researcher obtained her PhD after 4 years and subsequently worked in research for 13 months under a postdoctoral position. She WOULD NOT BE eligible as her research experience exceeds the first five years of her career.

Example 2): a researcher is in the process of writing up her Ph.D. after 4½ years of research and would like to apply for an appointment within an ITN. She WOULD BE eligible for recruitment due to her level of experience.
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