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Marie Curie Actions funded job vacancy Open positions in the field of safer motorcycling

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MOTORIST (Motorcycle Rider Integrated Safety) is an Initial Training Network (ITN) Nr. 608092, funded under the FP7 Marie Curie programme of the Commission. Duration: Feb. 1, 2014 - Jan. 31, 2018.


OBJECTIVES: The research of MOTORIST ITN will focus on making PTW use safer, through a clear strategy that will be pursued according to the following specific objectives:

Firstly an improvement of PTW safety will be achieved by enhancing and optimizing the methods for rider training, with special attention to young riders (the most exposed to be involved into an accident) and elderly riders (because of the increasing mean age in Europe). In fact the riders are a fundamental actor of the road safety improvement is and they significantly influence the probability of accidents to happen with their risk assessment, decision making and control riding skills.
Secondly the safety improvement will be achieved by developing active safety systems that improve the interaction between the rider and the PTW, with particular attention to the urban environment (where the PTW use is more prevalent and where traffic scenarios are more complex)
Thirdly, addressing unavoidable crashes, personal protective equipment for the rider will be developed, supported by the information collected from the event prior to the impact.
MOTORIST will use a multidisciplinary approach of rider behaviour, training, active safety and passive safety. The resulting expertise, training methods, and PTW innovations will be of high interest to stakeholders (some of them are also involved as MOTORIST Associated Partners, on rider training) and they will bring fundamental links to the EU Motorcycle Industry and moreover to the PTW or components industry since design improvements to PTW related products are foreseen.

Early Stage Researcher in the field of injury mechanics for impact protection (Munich, Germany)

Nr of positions available : 1

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Engineering - Materials Engineering
- Mechanical engineering

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Early stage researcher or 0-4 yrs (Post graduate)

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