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Job posted by institutul national de cercetare-dezvoltare pentru fizica si inginerie nucleara Horia Hulubei (IFIN) (26/02/2014 12.37)

Engineers (Laser, Particle Accelerators, Optics, Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics, Instrumentation&Control, Physics) at Extreme Light Infrastructure – Nuclear Physics (ELI-NP

Please note that the job is no longer active!

Extreme Light Infrastructure – Nuclear Physics (ELI-NP), a new Center for Scientific Research for a broad range of science domains: fundamental physics, nuclear physics, astrophysics, applications in material science, life sciences and nuclear materials management.
•Building the facility (2013-2014)
•Purchasing the two major pieces of Equipment: two high power lasers and the gamma beam system (2013- 2017)
•Preparing the TDRs for the experiments and auxiliary laboratories
•Promoting the future multidisciplinary research opportunities of ELI-NP to users
•Defining and implementing the conditions necessary for the future operation
Implementation phase of the Project: to ensure the timely delivery and the commissioning of the two systems, their integration with the construction. The design and development of the ELI-NP experimental areas will be performed.
Operational phase: pursuing the scientific program of ELI-NP and maintaining the best performance of the systems.


In the implementation phase, the Engineers from ELI-NP will ensure the technical support for ELI-NP in relation to the technological strategy, with a particular focus on ensuring the commissioning of the facility and its further operation.
During the operational phase, the selected Engineers will be in charge with the two major pieces of Equipment of ELI-NP: High Power Laser System or Gamma Beam System, based on his/her skills and competences.
Engineers will be accountable for their actions to the Heads of experiments and the members of the Management Board.
Main responsibilities:
During the implementation stage:
• The Engineers in charge with the major pieces of equipment (High power laser system and Gamma beam system) will acquire the necesary knowledge and experience to ensure the functioning of the facility and of the related equipment. In this context, they will benefit from training at the equipment suppliers regarding the assembling, testing and commissioning of the equipment. Therefore, the candidates should be available to travel and work abroad for a definite period of time;
• The Engineers in charge with ensuring the technical support for the experiments and the auxiliary laboratories will dedicate most of their time to activities of preparing the respective Technical Design Reports (TDRs), construction and commissioning of the equipment and laboratories;
• Ensuring a good and efficient collaboration and dialogue between the scientific staff and the suppliers of the respective Equipment and various services;
• Ensuring the compliance of the activities with the engineering standards;

During the operational phase:
• Maintaining the performance of the ELI-NP equipment and systems at the desired level;
• Actively participating in the technological development activities carried out at ELI-NP;
• Ensuring technical support for the experiments.

Main tasks:
• Participating in the preparation of the Technical Design Reports (TDRs);
• Evaluating the technical offers for various components;
• Monitoring the fulfillment of the related contracts;
• Technical suport at the delivery-taking of the various deliverables;
• Assisting on the commissioning and installation of the various equipment;
• Supervising the functioning of the equipment and buildings after commissioning;
• Ensuring the proper operation of the High Power Laser System or Gamma Beam System

Nr of positions available : 10

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Career Stage

Early stage researcher or 0-4 yrs (Post graduate)

Research Profiles

First Stage Researcher (R1)


motivating salary based on qualifications and experience; social insurance; medical insurance

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University degree in Engineering/Physics in areas related to ELI-NP;
• At least 3 year of experience in technical support within research and development laboratories;
• Very good knowledge of the technologies relevant for ELI-NP;
• Fluent in English.


Required Education Level
Degree Master Degree or equivalent
Degree Field Physics
Required Research Experiences
Main Research Field Physics
Sub Research Field Other
Years of Research Experience 3
Required Languages
Language ENGLISH
Language Level Good
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Horia Hulubei National Institute for Research & Development in Physics and Nuclear Engineering (IFIN-HH)




Ilfov county


Bucharest - Magurele


Reactorului Street, no.30

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Horia Hulubei National Institute for Research & Development in Physics and Nuclear Engineering (IFIN-HH)

Reactorului Street, no.30
- Bucharest - Magurele
Ilfov county - ROMANIA