• RESAVER - SURVEY for European research institutions: TAKE PART!

    21 MAY 2015




    The RESAVER Consortium is conducting a survey to gauge the level of interest amongst European research institutions in the RESAVER concept.

    Participating in the survey does not create any obligation for your organisation and it should not take more than 15 minutes.
    Your individual responses will be kept confidential and will not be identified with your organisation. The aggregated information will be used to identify which countries are most likely to be interested in the RESAVER concept in the future and to get a rough idea of the number of individuals that may participate.
    More information on RESAVER is available here

  • NEW! Conference 'A new start for Europe - Opening up to an ERA of Innovation', 22-23 June 2015, Brussels

    01 JAN 2000

    Bringing together key players from the fields of research, business and innovation, the conference will address Open Science, the European Research Area, and Innovation. Scientists, innovators, and policy-makers will make up over 500 participants and discuss how Europe can open up to an ERA of Innovation, where ideas will be forged to bring growth and jobs to Europe.

    This is an excellent opportunity to network with key stakeholders and decision makers and shape the future of Europe's research and innovation policy.

    The conference will take place in Brussels on 22 and 23 June.

    To know more and register click here

  • Vitae Researcher Development International Conference – CALL for CONTENT by June 8!

    21 MAY 2015

    The deadline for submitting workshop proposals for the established Vitae Researcher Development International Conference is 17.00 GMT + 1 (aka British Summer Time, BST) on Monday 8 June 2015.  The conference is the largest dedicated event that brings together all those with a strategic and practical role in developing researchers and takes place in Manchester on the 8-9 September 2015.

    Conference themes and instructions on how to submit your proposals are available here

    Bookings for the conference will be launched at the end of the month.

    Please forward this information to your networks.

    Vitae events team

  • Find out how we helped Anne to advance in her career

    01 JAN 2000

    To download the movie file please right-click [HERE] and select "Save As"

  • ERC Grants: do you know how to apply?

    01 JAN 2000

    The ERC (European Research Council) has very recently produced a 5 minutes long clip 'Step by Step to ERC grants'.

    The clip briefly describes steps to follow when applying for an ERC grant.

    It equally provides tips and advice to potential applicants.

    To enjoy the video and learn more, click here