• Shaping the Future of Food Safety, Together – Milan, 14-16 October 2015 - REGISTRATION OPEN!

    01 JAN 2000

    EFSA, the European Food Safety Authority, will hold its second scientific conference on the occasion of World EXPO 2015. The conference will focus on two major themes:

    - Assessment Science and

    - Science, Innovation and Society

    Register on-line by 15 May 2015 or

    Submit an abstract for the poster session by 3 April 2015!

  • RESEARCHER CAREERS - Ever wondered what research staff do when they move out of higher education?

    18 DEC 2014

    If so, then we would really value your input into a major European research project being led by Vitae in collaboration with Naturejobs, Science Europe, LERU, The Research Council of Norway and other partners.

  • MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD: Join the Voice of the Researchers !

    01 JAN 2000

    Make your voice heard and join the Voice of the Researchers (VoR) group !

    Web-site: http://voice.euraxess.org/

    Facebook: VoiceOfTheResearchers

    Twitter: @Research_Voice



  • Find out how we helped Anne to advance in her career

    01 JAN 2000

    To download the movie file please right-click [HERE] and select "Save As"

  • Post your job offer or CV on-line!

    01 JAN 2000

    Do you wish to post a job position or fellowship offer on-line?

    Do not hesitate!

    There are only few and simple steps to follow:

    1. Register as "Organisation".

    To this end, go to the 'Login/Register' grey tab on top right of the homepage. Here, choose 'New User?' and click on 'Organisations sign up' (you will land on: http://ec.europa.eu/euraxess/index.cfm/jobs/signUpOrganisation ) . Fill in the form and click on 'Continue'.

    Shortly after data submission you will be sent both user account (ID) and password (pwd): once the registration process finalised (within 24h during working days), they will enable you to have access to your organisation's personal homepage where a list of useful tool is available.

    2. Once your account activated, to publish an advert go back to the 'Login/Register' button and type your account and password to have access to your organisation's personal homepage.

    3. Here, listed on the left hand side, you will find the tabs 'Job Vacancies' and 'Fellowship Programmes': click on it and you will find the button 'Add a Job Vacancy' (or a Fellowship). Click on it as well and you will find a form to be duly filled in, composed of mandatory and optional modules.

    Please note that each advert, before being published on-line, is manually checked by our back-office team. Since such check is performed 2-3 times/day, there might an interval between advert submission and advert publication (which might also be of 48hs or more if a job is submitted on a Friday late evening/night or during the week end or during bank holidays).

    On the day your adverts' deadline expires, you will receive an alert message from the system asking to either close the advert or to extend its expiry date.

    That is all and remember: all services are free of charge!

    To see how it works, watch our tutorial video