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  1. Fonds National de la Recherche, National Research Fund | Accompanying Measures AM1 - Promotion of Scientific Culture
  2. Koerber Foundation | German Studienpreis
  3. German Society for Biomedical Technics | DGBMT-Preis der Stiftung-Familie-Klee zur Förderung des wissenschaftlichen Nachwuchses
  4. German Society for Biomedical Technics | Olympus-Preis der DGBMT für optische Verfahren in der Medizin
  5. German Society for Biomedical Technics | Jährlicher Studentenwettbewerb der DGBMT
  6. VolkswagenStiftung | Extraordinary Projects - Off the Beaten Track
  7. Hungarian-American Fulbright Commission | Study of the U.S. Institutes
  8. Hungarian-American Fulbright Commission | Fulbright Senior Research Grants
  9. Health Research Board | HRB/Marie Curie Post-doctoral Mobility Fellowships
  10. Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) | Standard Research Grants
  11. Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) | Urgency Application
  12. Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) | Connect A scheme
  13. Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) | Follow-on Fund and Follow-on Fund Pathfinder
  14. Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) | Knowledge Exchange Call
  15. The Northern Ireland Chest Heart And Stroke Association | Scientific Research Grants
  16. Parkinsons Disease Society | Project Grants
  17. The Primary Immunodeficiency Association (PIA) | PIA Immunological Research Grant Programme
  18. Research Councils UK | Follow-on Fund
  19. Spinal Research | Clinical Initiative
  20. The Stroke Association | Research Project Grants
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