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Fellowship posted by Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research (05/10/2013 02.36)

European Research Council funded fellowship Synthesys and characterization of diplar squaraines, diketopyrrolopyrroles and iso-diketopyrrolopyrroles derivatives for solar cells

Please note that the job is no longer active! neuropsychological and behavioural evidence suggests that, in our brain, there are mirror mechanisms that allow us to directly understand the meaning of the actions and emotions of others by directly replicating them without any explicit reflective mediation. Although we are able to understand other people's mind at the cognitive level, the mechanisms that allows us a direct experiental grasp of the mind of other is not conceptual reasoning but direct replication of the observed events trough the mirror mechanisms (Gallese et al., 2004). Yet, the question of how mirror mechanisms emerge during development remain almost unsolvedm as well as the developing mirror system properties are unknown. The project aims to investigate the development of action understanding and emotion recognition in newborns and infants using visual habituation and eye-movements behavioral paradigms, and electroencephalographic measures.

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Psychological sciences - Cognitive science

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Eligible destination country/ies for fellowsItaly
Eligibility of fellows: country/ies of residenceAll
Eligibility of fellows: nationality/iesAll
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Career StageExperienced researcher or 4-10 yrs (Post-Doc)
Research ProfilesNot defined
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Università Bicocca

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Milano - Italy