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Fellowship posted by Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research (05/10/2013 02.36)

Preparation and photochemical study of model compounds for the photogeneration of didehydrotoluenes.

Please note that the job is no longer active!

The project aims at the generation of highly reactive diradical structures, such as didehydrotoluene derivatives or analogues, starting from aromatic substrates, potentially applicable as chemotherapeutics. The generation of the reactive species is reached by means of a sequence of two elimination reactions. The process is promoted by the initial absorption of a photon and starts with the heterolytic fragmentation of an Aryl-X bond (with X typically a halogen) to give an aryl cation. Then, the loss of a second electrofugal group in the benzylic position gives the final didehydrotoluene. The study will be focused on the preparation and the photochemical reactivity of different didehydrotoluene precursors in order to identify the most promising candidates in terms of substitution pattern of the aromatic ring (e.g. electronic properties of the groups and/or their relative position on the ring).

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Eligibility criteria

The public call with detailed attendance and selection rules (Art 4 and 6) can be found at:

Main requirements are:1) university degree awarded by Italian or foreign Universities recognized as equivalent - for the purposes of establishing the equivalence, candidates must provide the necessary documentation to enable the evaluating board to proceed with the qualification assessment; 2) scientific or professional curriculum suitable for conducting the research activity; 3)Ph.D. title (Art 2- par. 1).

Selection process

The application form, signed in original, have to be: 1) submitted by means of the standard template that can be found at the above address; 2) supplied with the scientific-professional curriculum and proof of identity; 3) supplied with the list of publications and copies of them; 4) supplied with any further documents / certificates / self-certification foreseen by Art. 4; 5) sent by post service (no e-mail, no website) in original paper copy to the Department of interest (see Art. 4). The candidate selection will take place on the basis of the documented qualifications and a personal interview, completed by a test concerning the knowledge of one or more foreign languages (Art. 6 - par. 1)

Programme Description
Eligible destination country/ies for fellowsItaly
Eligibility of fellows: country/ies of residenceAll
Eligibility of fellows: nationality/iesAll
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Career StageExperienced researcher or 4-10 yrs (Post-Doc)
Research ProfilesNot defined
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Università degli studi di Pavia

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Pavia - Italy
+39 0382 987316
+39 0382 987330