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Influence of surface modification on Li distribution and SEI formation in Li-ion silicon-based negative electrodes by combining ToF-SIMS / Auger / XPS characterization

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A Li-ion battery is typically composed of a positive electrode and a negative electrode. The latter is generally based on graphite material for its reliable behaviour though a limited specific capacity of 372 mA.h/g. For that reason, silicon appears to be a promising alternative material thanks to a high specific capacity of 3580 mA.h/g. However, the biggest issue - a high volumic expension of more than 300% during Li insertion - favours particle grinding and Solid Electrolyte Interphase (SEI) i...

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Eligible destination country/ies for fellowsFrance
Eligibility of fellows: country/ies of residenceAll
Eligibility of fellows: nationality/iesAll
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Career StageExperienced researcher or 4-10 yrs (Post-Doc)
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