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In 2013, the demand for enrichment services was evaluated at around 50 000 tSW. Despite estimates pointing to an increase in enrichment requirements over the 2013-2030 period, mainly due to the new nuclear builds planned in Asia and the Middle East, the current commercial enrichment nameplate capacity of slightly over 56 000 tSW is considered to be sufficient to cover demand until 2020.


Operating commercial uranium enrichment facilities  with approximate 2013 capacity

Company Nameplate capacity in
Share of global capacity (%)
Atomenergoprom (RUS) 28 000 50
Urenco (UK-DE-NL) 17700 32
USEC (USA) 0 0
AREVA-GBII (France) 7 500 13
CNNC (China) 2900 5
JNFL 75 0
World total 65 600 100

Source: UxC Special Report Enrichment Supplier Assessment

According to the latest forecasts of growth in nuclear power production, the SWU oversupply situation will not be resolved before 2020. Some of the overcapacity will be used to balance underfeeding, which in turn will have an impact on uranium markets.

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