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In 2015, world nameplate primary conversion capacity was estimated at around 59 000 tU. Although the actual conversion production is generally less than nameplate (according to the WNA, capacity utilisation is about 79 % of nameplate), supply provided by primary and secondary conversion sources was well above the global demand for conversion services, estimated at around 58 000 tU in 2015.

Five primary conversion plants operating commercially in Canada, China, France, Russia and the United States met the majority of global demand for UF6 conversion services. Part of the supply, around 12 000 tU, continued to be provided by secondary conversion sources (the same sources which displace primary uranium production).

Commercial UF6 conversion facilities (tonnes of uranium/year)

Company Nameplate Capacity
in 2015
(tU as UF6)
Share of global capacity (%)
Atomenergoprom (Rosatom) (RUS) 12 500 21 
Cameco (CAN, UK) 12 500 21
ConverDyn (United States) 15 000 25
Comurhex (AREVA) (France) 15 000 25
CNNC (China) 4 000 7
Ipen (Brazil) 100 1
Total nameplate capacity 59 100 100

Source: WNA, The Nuclear Fuel Report Global Scenarios for Demand and Supply Availability 2015-2035.

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