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  Uranium production and demand

Find statistics on EU-28 historical data concerning contracts, fuel loaded and deliveries of fresh fuel, origin of NatU supplies, enrichment services providers, MOX fuel usage and savings, uranium inventories, uranium sellers, as well as statistics on EU-28 future reactor needs and contractual coverage.

Natural uranium production

1 Natural uranium contracts concluded by, or notified to ESA, 2000 - 2017
2 Special fissile material contracts concluded by,
or notified to ESA, 2000 - 2017
3 EU-28 gross and net reactor requirement
(quantities in tU and tSWU)
4 Fuel loaded into EU-28 reactors and deliveries of fresh fuel
under purchasing contracts
5 Purchases of Natural Uranium by EU utilities by origin, 1992-2017(tU)
6 Providers of enrichment services delivered to EU utilities,
1993-2017 (tSWU)
7 Use of plutonium in MOX in EU-28 and estimated natural uranium (NatU)
and separative work savings
8 Total uranium inventories owned by EU utilities at the end of the year,
  2007-2017 (tU equivalent) 
9 Natural uranium coverage 2018-2026
10 Conversion service coverage 2018-2026
11 Uranium sellers to EU utilities in 2017

Source: Euratom Supply Agency
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