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Presentation of ESA Annual Report 2013


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Presentation of ESA Annual Report 2012

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The Supply provisions in the EURATOM Treaty


Supply provisions in Euratom Treaty

Presentation of ESA Annual Report 2010
to WNA

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ESA january 2011 Nuclear Fuel Market Analysis     

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The European Union
Energy Strategy

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Fifth International Energy Week IEW 2010 Session:
Innovative priorities of Atomic Energy. Moscow, October 26, 2010
"Nuclear Energy Technologies in the Framework of EU Energy Policy Developments",
 >> Christian Cleutinx (speech)

Déjeuner-débat de "Confrontations Europe", Bruxelles, le 28 avril 2010
"Les perspectives législatives pour un nucléaire durable et son acceptabilité sociale : vers une directive déchets", >> Christian Cleutinx (speech)

World Nuclear Association Nuclear Fuel Cycle Plenary Session
London, 12 January 2010
"ESA Uranium Pricing Methodology", >> Zsolt PATAKI (presentation)    

5th Prague Conference on Security 2009, Prague, 20 November 2009
Security of the European Union and the Czech Republic in a Multipolar World on the Outset of the Second Decade of the 21st Century.
"EU Energy Policy and Strategy", >> Christian Cleutinx (speech)

Geneva In-Sight 2009 Conference. Geneva, 9-10 November 2009
Panel on Energy Security
"Geopolitics and security of energy supplies", Zsolt PATAKI (presentation)

Euromeeting 2009. VII Edition. Regional Policies for a Sustainable and Competitive European Tourism. Florence, November 5th - 6th 2009   
"EU Energy Policy and its Implication for Tourism", >> Christian Cleutinx (speech)

FISA 2009, 22-24 June 2009, Prague
"Energy Policy for Europe: how can the opportunities of nuclear energy be better exploited?", Mr Ristori, DDG TREN. >> Mr Cleutinx, DG ESA. (speech)    

Europa Forum Luzern. 28 April 2009
Konfliktfeld Energie: Entwicklungen und Horizonte.
Die europäische Energiepolitik im Kontext von Sicherheits- und Klimafragen.
>> Christian Cleutinx (speech

AK-Forum zur Wirtschafts- und Strukturpolitik. Saarbrücken. 23 April 2009
CLIMATE CHANGE AND ENERGY SECURITY, Major Challenges of European Energy Policy
Die EU und die Nachhaltige Energiepolitik. >> Christian Cleutinx (speech)    

Colloque International: December 15th 2008 - Brussels
CLIMATE CHANGE AND ENERGY SECURITY, Major Challenges of European Energy Policy
"The Energy Challenge of the European Union", >> Christian Cleutinx (speech)

Communiqué on the adequacy between demand and supply of enrichment in the EU