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A common nuclear market in the EU was created by the Euratom Treaty. Article 2(d) and 52 of the Treaty established ESA to ensure a regular and equitable supply of nuclear fuels to EU users. To perform this task, ESA applies a supply policy based on the principle of equal access to sources of supply.   See more...

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Presentation of ESA Annual Report 2018


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Report on Securing the European Supply of 19.75% enriched Uranium Fuel


Report on Nuclear Fuel Security of Supply

  ESA Quarterly Spot Price Indices

  ESA All Users quarterly spot uranium price
ESA All Users quarterly spot uranium price
USD/lb U3O8
Number of spot natural uranium contracts concluded by EU utilities(*) Total number of contracts processed by ESA(**)
2018 Q4 55.35  24.30 8 75
2018 Q3 61.2 23.53 1 112
2018 Q2 45.75 20.72 2 65