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21st annual report on national implementation of EU law C(2004) 839

XXIst report on monitoring the application of Community law

Annex A : Situation in the different sectors

Annex I : Detection of infringement cases

Annex II : Infringements procedures - break down per stage reached, legal basis, Member State and sector

Annex III : Infringements of Treaties, Regulations and Decisions

(Volume IV) : Annex IV - Progress in implementing directives
Part 1 : Directives with a deadline for transposal in 2003
Part 2 : Notification and non-notification of national measures implementing directives

(Volume V) : Annex IV - Part 2 - Summary table,  Progress in notification of national measures implementing directives (situation on 31 December 2003)
Part 3 - Infringements for non-conformity
Part 4 - Infringements for incorrect application of national measures implementing the directives

Annex V : Judgments of the Court of Justice up to 31 December 2003 no yet implemented
Annex VI : Application of Community law by national courts:a survey