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The ESF is funding tens of thousands of projects across the Union that make a real difference to the lives of millions of individuals. Here you can find some examples.

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Giving employees career control

Giving employees career control (04/01/2012)

Through the 'I can' project, any employed person could apply and receive a voucher for key-competences training and/or a course leading to professional qualifications – according to their wishes and needs.
Participants: 221 000 employees - ESF contribution: €60 844 000

Qualifications that open doors across Europe

Qualifications that open doors across Europe (14/12/2011)

The Bulgarian authorities gave a significant boost to youth employment and mobility with the completion of an ESF ‘Administrative capacity’ project on the recognition of EU higher education qualifications.
Participants: 611 - ESF contribution: €346 422

Fostering for a fairer future

Fostering for a fairer future (19/09/2011)

Giving children in social care the best possible start in life is the mission of the ‘For Our Children’ foundation in Bulgaria.
Participants: 12 - ESF contribution: €113 374