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Licensed to skill
Licensed to skill (06/06/2014)

An ESF co-funded technology centre for school students aims to boost interest in science

Ilhas de talento
Ilhas de talento (06/06/2014)

O FSE apoia novos cursos de formação profissional nos Açores (Portugal) destinados a aumentar as aptidões

Youth Employment Initiative: first programme adopted
Youth Employment Initiative: first programme adopted (03/06/2014)

The European Commission has adopted today the first Operational Programme with France to use the available funding from the Youth Employment Initiative (YEI) to tackle youth unemployment.

Digital diplomas
Digital diplomas (28/05/2014)

Jobseekers in Spain are getting IT skills to support culture and heritage

Fair chances for all
Fair chances for all (28/05/2014)

An award-winning jobs fair in Latvia sees many vacancies on offer