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From disability to ability
From disability to ability (13/03/2014)

An ESF project in Romania is helping people with disabilities to join the labour market

Developing young talent
Developing young talent (13/03/2014)

Slovenia deploys ESF funding to boost the employment of young people in electronic publishing and cultural and arts education

Grants to boost jobs
Grants to boost jobs (13/03/2014)

In Malta, 170 employers receive ESF employment-support grants to help provide jobs for disabled and unemployed people

Aurora Borealis lights the way
Aurora Borealis lights the way (07/03/2014)

“Never give up” is the motto of a Swedish ESF project aimed at the most disadvantaged jobseekers

Taking the bus to work
Taking the bus to work (07/03/2014)

In Denmark, 86 jobseekers wave goodbye to unemployment and get back into a job as bus drivers.