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Over the finish line
Over the finish line (04/07/2014)

In Austria, the exam success of apprentices is being boosted with made-to-measure help

Seeking out those in need
Seeking out those in need (04/07/2014)

An ESF project in Sweden is helping young participants to find work or study opportunities

O abordare specifică
O abordare specifică (04/07/2014)

România lansează un proiect FSE care vizează capacitatea de integrare profesională și incluziunea romilor

A pearl of a project
A pearl of a project (26/06/2014)

In France, the ESF-supported PERLE project is successfully helping the homeless into accommodation and jobs

Cost-effective job creation
Cost-effective job creation (26/06/2014)

ESF funding has helped to create new jobs in a business guidance project in Finland