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Better services for citizens
Better services for citizens (29/01/2015)

Cyprus is improving the capacity of its public administration with the help of ESF funding.

New opportunities for university dropouts
New opportunities for university dropouts (29/01/2015)

The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research has launched a new round of part ESF-funded projects to spark university dropouts' interest in apprenticeships and vocational training.

Continued microcredit support ensured
Continued microcredit support ensured (29/01/2015)

Microcredits will continue in the French department of Haute-Vienne after the association Aleas renewed its agreement with its partners.

Career counselling expanded
Career counselling expanded (22/01/2015)

Thanks to ESF funding, the Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund is now offering free career counselling to anybody interested.

Support for Roma children
Support for Roma children (22/01/2015)

The Romanian government has adopted a series of measures to foster the social inclusion of Roma children.