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Slovakia encourages self-help


ESF funding has helped marginalised communities in Slovakia to improve their circumstances

At the end of 2012, the city of Prešov in Slovakia successfully completed an ESF project that supported some 3200 members from three marginalised communities, including Roma people. Improved school attendance, help with domestic finances, and more awareness of self-help opportunities were among the outcomes of the EUR 95 000 project, which reached some 1300 men and 1900 women. The project employed four community workers and a field assistant. “Specialised and professional activities by the social workers in the field have helped improve the legal literacy of citizens in unfavourable circumstances and improve their social situation, enabling them to live in dignity,” explained Anna Zákutná, the project coordinator. She stressed that proper motivation and an emphasis on personal responsibility has helped community members realise that the key to social status lies in their own hands.

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