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Liverpool supports 500 apprenticeships


In the UK, the ESF is supporting apprenticeships for young people with few skills

In Liverpool employers are set to be offered a subsidy to fund the first six months' salary for teenage apprentices. The aim is to help up to 500 or more teenagers classed as NEETs (Not in Employment, Education or Training) to take their first steps into the jobs market – particularly those who lack relevant qualifications or are struggling to find work. City councilor Nick Small said, “This project is aimed at giving opportunities to those young people who haven’t been able to get the skills and experience to be in with a chance of competing for a job. We have to encourage employers to look beyond this and harness the raw potential that exists among many of our teenagers”. The scheme will receive GBP 300 000 (EUR 340 000) from the ESF and businesses must commit to providing long-term apprenticeships and real career opportunities.