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Networking in Nijkerk


In the Netherlands, the ESF is supporting a networking project to help young jobseekers increase their chances

The city of Nijkerk has just seen the launch of the ‘JobToppers’ project which promises to take a new approach to young jobseekers and the obstacles they face. By building networks between workers and young jobseekers the project aims to create the knowledge and contacts young people need to make career decisions and increase their employability. The organisers recognise that personal networks and contacts among people, including other workers, employers and jobseekers, can be a vital element in “being in the right place at the right time” when opportunities become available.

Participating workers are encouraged to bring their JobToppers to their workplaces to gain experience of a working environment and introduce them around the organisation to build their network of contacts. In addition, by starting the process early, the aim is to encourage young people to complete their formal education and get qualified.