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Il-FSE fl-aħbarijiet

Aurora Borealis lights the way


“Never give up” is the motto of a Swedish ESF project aimed at the most disadvantaged jobseekers

Time, resources and the right skills are key to getting the long-term unemployed, recovering drug users and people with handicaps back to work. This level of commitment is at the core of the Norrsken(Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights) project in Sweden. “A large number of people were just being transferred between different public authorities and employment projects without finding work or other opportunities,” explains project manager Ylva Lindström. “We found that manysuffer from such disorders as ADHD, Asperger’s, bipolar disorder and social phobia.”

Norrskenis an ESF-supported collaboration between the municipalities of Arvidsjaur and Piteå. Participants choose the path they feel they can handle, including study, training or subsidised employment in occupations such as cleaning, catering and elderly care. Lindström emphasises that the key to success is to never give up. Of the 150 participants who have completed the project, 86% now make their own living – a result well above the target of 50%.