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Getting closer to work


In Estonia, young job-seekers are offered training and company visits to improve job prospects

“Employers are reluctant to take on complete strangers for professional and practical training as it can be quite expensive,” explains Kadri Seeder, manager of the ESF-supported ‘Pushbutton for work’ training project which is helping overcome this obstacle to youth employment. The training programme gives young job-seekers an overview of the jobs in demand, helps them develop the skills needed to get employment and offers company visits with the help of major business partners. Effectively, by getting to know the young job-seekers during coursework and summer camps, the project team can then act as trusted references for potential employers. The young people also gain important skills: “We try to teach the youngsters how to focus their thinking on opportunities, use targeted actions and analyse themselves,” says Seeder. The training sessions are implemented across Estonia and some 160 young job-seekers are expected to complete the programme.