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Malta Planning Authority gets EU funds


The Times reports that the Planning Authority was awarded €1.4 million in EU funds for two projects set to provide training and scholarship opportunities at an organisational and national level.

The projects, SpatialTrain Scholarship Scheme and PA+, will both be financed by the European Social Fund.The SpatialTrain Scholarship Scheme project aims at offering scholarships in the field of geospatial technology. A total of 175 scholarships will be offered at MQF levels 4 (certificates), level 5 (diploma), level 6 (degree) and level 7 (master’s). The SpatialTrain Scholarship Scheme stems from another much larger EU-funded project which was awarded to the Planning Authority last year. The second ESF project, PA+, will provide training aimed at thespecific requirements of the Planning Authority. This will ensure that the organisation’s human resource capacity and the capacity of all statutory consultees, including local councils, have the necessary know-how and skills.