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From active inclusion to social investment


This conference, organised jointly by the European Economic and Social Committee and Eurofound, aims at focusing on the measures taken at European level to step up active inclusion and social investment.

The event will enable participants to look into questions such as:

  • Why is it important to aim for an integrated implementation of the three strands of active inclusion (adequate income support, inclusive labor markets and access to quality services)?
  • The Social Investment Package ensures the follow-up to the Active Inclusion Strategy. How to ensure that Member States develop approaches that effectively integrate these three strands?
  • What role can the Europe 2020 Strategy and the European Semester play in making active inclusion and social investment happen?
  • What more can the European institutions do to mainstream active inclusion and social investment in the Union's policies and how can relevant actors be better engaged in the process?
  • What role can the social partners and civil society organizations play in promoting and implementing the necessary measures?

Registration to the event is open until 10 June 2014.

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