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Transnational practical training – integrating youth with fewer opportunities into the European labour market

13/09/2012 - 14/09/2012

The conference of experts on transnational practical training is organized by the coordinating secretariat of “La ida” in cooperation with the German Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs and the Spanish embassy and will take place 13 - 14 September 2012 in Berlin.

Experience gained during the first years of the German European Social Funds programme „IdA- Integration through Exchange” clearly indicates that transnational practical training have a positive effect both individually on disadvantaged youth and young adults as well as structurally on the national labour market.

In 2012, the project “La IdA – transnational pathways toward labour market integration and regional development”, as well as two additional projects supported in the framework of the “IdA” programme, started to organize bi-national practical trainings. In cooperation with their Spanish partners, practical trainings are currently organized for both German youth in Spain and Spanish youth in Germany.

The conference aims to

  • discuss and transfer results and experiences with transnational practical training for youth with fewer opportunities;
  • develop recommendations for the implementation of respective exchange programmes;
  • expand and foster networks and cooperation with transnational partners.

Interactive sessions and an evening programme will allow for intensive networking with representatives of the European Commission, national and regional government departments and Managing Authorities, Spanish and German ministries and employment agencies, multipliers in the area of transnationality, and “IdA” project partners. Conference languages will be German, Spanish and English.

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