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European Week of Regions and Cities

09/10/2017 - 10/10/2017

The European Week will take place just ahead of the publication of the Cohesion Report and of the presentation of the EU multiannual financial framework 2020-2026. In this perspective, the event will be an ideal platform for gathering and presenting the views of the regions and cities on both the budget and the subsequent legislative proposals with regard to cohesion policy and rural development.

The debate on Europe's future will be kick-started by the Rome Treaties' anniversary (March) and will continue to unfold throughout 2017. The European Week of Regions and Cities will be an opportunity for EU regions and cities to contribute to this debate and to feed into the political mainstream examples and inputs from the regional and urban angle to shape Europe's future.  

Discussions during the European Week of Regions and Cities will examine the nature of these challenges and how they are playing out in different geographical contexts. Under the main headline of 'Regions and Cities working for a better future', the event will focus on three sub-themes:

  • Building resilient regions and cities
  • Regions and cities as change agents 
  • Sharing knowledge to deliver results

Discussions with practitioners will be integrated with input from academia as well as from participants from non-EU countries that are interested in the process of European integration, both from an institutional point of view and in terms of policies that promote European cohesion.

Linn Ikoon Linn: Brüssel (Belgia )
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