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Five-year plan, Irish style


In Ireland 60 female entrepreneurs plan massive growth in turnover, employment and exports in five years

On 8 April at the ‘Going for Growth’ National Forum in Ireland, 60 successful businesswomen announced plans to increase their collective turnover by 25% – to reach €156 million in five years while boosting employment from 156 to 1300 workers. These innovative leaders are part of the ESF-supported ‘female mentoring programme’ which pairs successful female entrepreneurs with businesswomen who have just started their companies.

These voluntary pairings supply advice, experience and role models to young women entrepreneurs in the early stages of business growth. And the value of this experience is shown by the rising export success of these 60 mentors, some 30% do so already and another third aim to do so within five years.

“This is a very ambitious group who are determined to drive their businesses forward,” said Paula Fitzsimons of Going for Growth. “By becoming entrepreneurs they have taken the first step. I am confident that with the support of Going for Growth, this group of ambitious women entrepreneurs can achieve their growth aspirations and make a real contribution to jobs creation and value added in their local economies.”