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French youths get taste of work in Poland
French youths get taste of work in Poland (09/01/2015)

ESF funds have enabled 30 young people from the Midi-Pyrénées region to gain two months of work experience in the Polish city of Zielona Góra.

Catching the big fish together
Catching the big fish together (03/10/2014)

Thanks to ESF-funding, future Czech fishermen can go to Poland to practice their skills.

ESF:s nätverk för lärande: en effektiv inlärningsupplevelse över nationsgränserna
ESF:s nätverk för lärande: en effektiv inlärningsupplevelse över nationsgränserna (24/09/2014)

Den 3 juli publicerades den slutliga rapporten som bedömer ESF:s nätverk för lärande och dess verkan, effektivitet och relevans. Även om det kan göras förbättringar, så bekräftas det i rapporten att nätverken har visat sig vara värdefulla forum för att utbyta idéer, kunskaper och nyskapande arbetssätt.

Master entrepreneurs
Master entrepreneurs (08/11/2013)

A transnational project on student entrepreneurship in Romania attracts 200 new students

Roman knowledge, Romanian skills
Roman knowledge, Romanian skills (25/10/2013)

Italy and Romania exchange know-how on encouraging entrepreneurship among jobseekers

Healthy co-operation
Healthy co-operation (30/08/2013)

Diseases of the nervous system are at the heart of a German-Estonian research project

Boosting rural employment
Boosting rural employment (03/07/2013)

A Romanian-Greek project to boost rural entrepreneurship has just finished

Fostering better futures
Fostering better futures (21/06/2013)

Croatia launches project for better foster care for children and young people

Internships across Europe
Internships across Europe (28/02/2013)

With ESF help, young Italian graduates can improve their European CV with work experience abroad

Supporting workers with cancer
Supporting workers with cancer (04/10/2012)

A Romanian project is helping cancer sufferers at work with help from an Italian partner

Experience that counts
Experience that counts (26/09/2012)

Young trainees from Germany are off to renovate a children’s cancer clinic in Hungary

Routes to work opportunities
Routes to work opportunities (27/07/2012)

A European seminar promotes women's entrepreneurship in cultural tourism in rural areas

Boosting tourism careers
Boosting tourism careers (20/06/2012)

In Romania, a transnational ESF project is training people for jobs in the tourism sector

A European network for helping disabled job-seekers
A European network for helping disabled job-seekers (19/04/2012)

The CSR+D network is stressing the creative and innovative potential of disabled workers

International apprenticeships
International apprenticeships (23/09/2011)

German apprentices are using internships in Spain to widen their horizons, with ESF support

Fighting the social effects of cancer
Fighting the social effects of cancer (22/08/2011)

An Italian-Romanian project is supporting employment for people diagnosed with cancer

Ett lyft för svensk handel
Ett lyft för svensk handel (01/08/2011)

Svenska företag stärker exporten till Portugal med ESF:s hjälp

Medicine without borders
Medicine without borders (11/04/2011)

Two ESF projects in Romania are helping boost the standard of medical care for all Romanians

Risk management goes transnational
Risk management goes transnational (01/04/2011)

With ESF support, a transnational university project will create new risk management specialists in Romania

A partnership for jobs
A partnership for jobs (09/02/2011)

Spanish, Italian and French partners launch a transnational project for a regional employment information system.

Business across the Baltic
Business across the Baltic (09/02/2011)

ESF supports Baltic Sea integration project.

Roma knowledge transfer
Roma knowledge transfer (01/02/2011)

Bulgaria is drawing on the experience of other countries in keeping Roma children at school

Cross-border co-operation on jobs
Cross-border co-operation on jobs (31/01/2011)

Lithuania and Austria agree to co-operate over boosting employment

Wind of change in the countryside
Wind of change in the countryside (31/01/2011)

A transnational project in Romania is helping rural women build new skills with help from Spain

Working guests
Working guests (01/11/2010)

A German project is giving young people the chance to get work experience abroad

Danish-Polish recipe for success
Danish-Polish recipe for success (31/10/2010)

Co-operation between culinary schools in Poland and Denmark for better teaching and better chefs

Baltic best practice
Baltic best practice (02/09/2010)

An ESF-funded project in Estonia is building on the experiences of the other Baltic States to raise the performance of local administration

Fostering Czech foster care
Fostering Czech foster care (02/07/2010)

Two Member States share good practice

Masters to apprentices
Masters to apprentices (01/06/2010)

Greece follows Bulgaria in training voucher scheme