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Integration through language courses
Integration through language courses (19/09/2014)

A pilot project in Germany seeks to prepare asylum seekers for the labour market.

External internships
External internships (11/07/2014)

An ESF transnational internship project has given young Germans the chance to experience different working cultures

The face of the ESF
The face of the ESF (07/07/2014)

A competition in Germany brought forward personal stories of how the ESF successfully helped people to become (re-)integrated into working life

A better start online
A better start online (27/05/2014)

An online training platform in Germany is bringing young people and employers together

Partnership agreement with Germany adopted
Partnership agreement with Germany adopted (22/05/2014)

On 22 May 2014, the Commission adopted the Partnership Agreement with Germany, paving the way for € 7.5 billion (current prices) in European Social Fund (ESF) funding in the next seven years.