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So Stay: a hotel with a social conscience


So Stay is a socially-conscious hotel in Gdansk, Poland, that supports care leavers and is in part funded by ESF. Meet Magda, the gastronomy manager at the hotel, and learn more about her story.

People who have spent their childhood in the care of public institutions - also known as care leavers - face challenging prospects in life. They are more likely than the general population to be unemployed, and less likely to receive university training.

So Stay Hotel is a social enterprise employing young care leavers, who can first begin working there as volunteers. It is the outcome of a partnership between the private, public, and social enterprise sectors, and is partially funded by the ESF. As hospitality is a growing sector in Gdansk, working at the hotel be a valuable career development opportunity for care leavers.

Magda is a gastronomy manager at the hotel, and spent her childhood in the care of public institutions. She graduated from college and had worked previously as a waitress, and found that she liked working with people, and had an interest in food. 

A recent meeting for the ESF's transational platform was held in Gdansk, where the city's initiatives for young care-leavers were discussed. The platform allows countries to learn from each other's practices and experiences in social and employment policies.

Watch the video below to learn more about Magda's story, So Stay Hotel, and how the ESF is supporting care leavers.