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Financing women with ideas


In Portugal, women entrepreneurs are getting the start-up finance to turn their business ideas into reality

In the municipality of Bragas, the Parish of Esporões is taking steps to encourage entrepreneurial women with bright business ideas. The ‘Value Added’ project selected 15 women from 81 applicants, based on their motivation, entrepreneurial qualities and business ideas. They followed a training course focusing on business skills such as gender issues, management, leadership and information and communication technologies. A detailed analysis of each business idea then took place, including help with setting out a business plan. Twelve were selected and have been sent on for review by the local Commission for Citizenship and Gender Equality.

On approval, each woman will receive a start-up fund prize of €5000 to turn their ideas into reality. “This project is of crucial importance because it allows us to leverage business ideas that have been sitting ‘in the drawer’ for a lack of technical and financial support,” explains project promoter chairman Abilio Brito.