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ESF v správach

A summer surgery for skills


With ESF help, medical students in Bulgaria are being offered summer internships to gain experience of the job market

Bulgaria is giving 490 medical students the chance to get hands-on experience in hospitals and medical practices this summer with up to 240 hours of paid and mentored internships. The aim is to offer them valuable experience while helping guide their eventual career choices in line with labour market needs.

The ESF-supported ‘Student Practices’ project covers all education fields; in this case it is focusing on areas such as medicine, pharmacy, dentistry and public health. Mentors from host companies and medical institutions will be able to take up to 15 students at a time, and academic advisors will also be available. All 51 higher education institutions in Bulgaria are participating, and the eventual aim is to offer relevant internships to 60 000 students across all academic fields by the end of 2014.