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YEI programme for Italy adopted
YEI programme for Italy adopted (11/07/2014)

The European Commission has adopted today the national Operational Programme for the implementation of the Youth Employment Initiative (YEI) in Italy.

Supporting immigrant families
Supporting immigrant families (23/06/2014)

In Italy, a new ESF project aims to boost the inclusion of young second-generation immigrants

A guarantee for youth
A guarantee for youth (09/05/2014)

In the Italian Alps young people are getting a helping hand to enter the regional job market

Entrepreneurship camp
Entrepreneurship camp (04/04/2014)

Umbria offers opportunities to potential young entrepreneurs in an ESF-supported ‘creativity camp’

Supporting working mothers
Supporting working mothers (30/08/2013)

With ESF support, busy working mothers in Italy can get help with day-care costs for their young children