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Știri despre FSE

Providing a safety net


In Finland, an ESF project is targeting the social inclusion of young people and promoting the rehabilitation of ex-offenders

The Joensuu Region Youth Housing Association in East Finland is leading the ‘Taitava koti’ project which aims to prevent social exclusion in the area. Together with its project partners it is offering young participants practical help and advice on living independently and managing important everyday tasks. The project uses training packages covering aspects such as domestic finance, health and well-being and civic activities. Individual progress is helped and recorded through an online guide for participants.

The target group consists of 16-29 year-olds who need support and guidance to ensure that they do not drop out of society. Other participants include former prisoners who need guidance during their transition back to civilian life.The Pyhäselkä prison which is participating hopes the project will reduce re-offending rates by easing reintegration into society.