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Știri despre FSE

Customised learning for at-risk students


A Danish school is using ESF help to encourage at-risk students to stay on and train for jobs

Students may be at risk of dropping out because of the pressure they face in school, at home or from their peers. At the Ringsted High School in Denmark this ‘at-risk’ group is getting help from the ESF co-funded YouthTurn project. A targeted and personalised initiative, the project is helping young people who are in danger of becoming marginalised by offering them a customised learning environment.

A wide range of workshops, help with literacy and psychological support are all available over an extended 40 week period intended to reduce pressure and encourage personal development. Jonas Bredo is a typical example. Originally an active student, daily pressures led him to consider dropping out. In YouthTurn, he chose specialised training in the grocery retail sector. After practical experience with an employer, he has now been offered a full-time apprenticeship and aims to become a store manager one day.