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Service station skills


In Spain, an energy company is working with an NGO and the ESF to offer new opportunities to disabled jobseekers

An organisation dedicated to promoting employment for disabled people has teamed up with Spanish energy giant Repsol in an initiative to create jobs. As part of its ‘For Talent’ project FSC Inserta is giving disabled jobseekers the skills they need to staff the mini-supermarkets that Repsol runs in its chain of retail service stations. A programme of courses is available including topics such as convenience store operations, health and safety issues, food handling and loyalty tools.

On completion, participants then get the chance to work in one of Repsol’s many service stations throughout Spain – some 70 disabled participants have already done so in 2013 and the 2014 intake is underway. Repsol has over 650 disabled workers on its staff already (2.8% of the total) and has received awards for its work in this field.