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Migrant skills in Germany


This news article highlights two ESF funded projects dedicated to developing migrant skills in Germany. It focuses on the people behind these projects, and the wider impact it has on society.

Recognising migrant qualifications

IQ Network Saxony-Anhalt have been working to help migrants in Germany to recognise their professional qualifications, and fulfil their employment potential.

The project helps those who have attained a professional qualification abroad have them recognised in Germany, allowing them to work in that country. The project also works to improve people’s perceptions of migrants and encourage integration into the workplace by showing the human side of immigration.

Thanks to funding from the ESF, the project has been able to expand into different forms of media, including the production of videos. The videos showcase people who have migrated to Germany, they share details about their work and their families. These videos aim to show not only the human side of immigration but also inspire and encourage people to move to Germany.  

Watch IQ Network's video on migrating to Germany

Read about how the IQ Network is helping migrants into suitable employment.

Bringing German migrants into the German working life

B3 Education and consultation, is a project part of the IQ Network. The aim is to help migrants in Germany who have education related degrees to have their qualifications recognised in Germany. This allows them to integrate in German working life.   

Often many migrants in Germany struggle to find suitable work, despite having a degree and relevant work experience. Elena came to Germany after working as a teacher in Kazakhstan. B3 helped to build on her qualifications and provided German language skills. With individual coaching Elena was able to make the most of her new qualification and integrate into the workforce.

Watch IQ Network's video on working in Germany

Learn about Elena's experience with the B3 Education and Consultation.