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O FSE nas notícias

ESF stories from local and national authorities


Wondering what is happening with the ESF at the local level? Learn more from the stories produced by ESF national and local authorities.

The Commission wants to invest in areas where it can offer a real “European added value”, but how can that added value be better established? France’s ESF national authority decided to draft two notes to define more rigorous criteria. Watch the interview with Eulalia Rubio and Marjorie Jouen, authors of one of the notes, explaining their methodology below.

Learn more about local ESF-funded projects at ESF Thüringen, such as a company developing a reliable blood pressure monitor for independent use, a team of researchers working on a new generation of hearing implants, and an organisation providing support long-term unemployed people.

A series of videos on successful projects in Latvia was produced as part of the celebration of 60 years of the European Social Fund. Featured projects include “Together beyond silence” which provides support to mothers with hearing impairments, a specialist mobile team supporting terminally ill children, and a team creating wood design vehicles for children.

Visit the portal with ESF-funded projects in the Czech Republic, where the programme funds projects providing buses to smaller villages, social enterprises supporting the long-term unemployed, and helping people changing their careers.