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Forging future metalworkers


ESF training support for young people and the metalworking sector in the French Alsace region

The metalworking industry in the Alsace region of France is taking steps to renew employment in the sector which needs qualified young employees to safeguard its future. The Alsace section of the Union of Metalworkers of the Lower Rhine (UIMM) has run three-and-a-half-month training courses for the last three years, and completed another this July. The introductory courses are aimed at young people facing difficulties in getting jobs and equipping them with the skills needed to become qualified in this sector. Training offers access to nationally recognised degrees and on-the-job learning with participating companies. So far, of the 26 apprentices who have completed the training, 12 have decided to continue their studies in order to improve their qualifications, 12 are awaiting agreement from participating employers, and two have gone in a different direction.