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EFS: wiadomości

60 years young — multi-region celebrations for the ESF in Bulgaria


The 60th anniversary of the European Social Fund was recently marked with celebrations across six regions in Bulgaria.

The participating cities were Sofia, Vidin, Ruse, Varna, Burgas and Plovdiv. The events were organised by the District Information Points for each city, in coordination with the Managing Authorities and the Operational Programmes for Human Resources Development, Science and Education for Smart Growth and Good Governance.

In Sofia the event took place in the popular South Park. Attendees enjoyed an open air stand, where they could meet with Managing Authorities and learn more about successful ESF projects. The historic Baba Vida Fortress hosted the celebrations in Vidin. Along with presentations and information on forthcoming calls for ESF proposals, there was a classical music concert and a fireworks display at the end of the event.

In Ruse all participants were given a book titled ‘Overcoming’, which consists of real life stories concerning the positive impact of the ESF on people’s lives. In Varna, Burgas and Plovdiv, exhibitions of projects were held at open air stands in the centre of each city.

Celebrations were not limited to these events. Nearly 40 dedicated and EU open ESF project days have been organised between April and May. An e-book containing stories of ESF projects is also being prepared by the Central Information and Coordination Office. It is expected to be published by mid-summer.