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Preparing mechanics for the hybrid cars of the future
Preparing mechanics for the hybrid cars of the future (28/08/2015)

As electric and hybrid cars are becoming more popular in Finland, a project co-financed by the ESF is preparing mechanics to work in this promising sector of the automotive industry.

Social workers upgrade skills
Social workers upgrade skills (10/07/2015)

An ESF-backed project which gave over 750 social workers and caregivers the opportunity to boost their professional skills has now come to a successful close in the Czech town of Otrokovice.

Preparing the maritime workforce of the future
Preparing the maritime workforce of the future (26/06/2015)

The Danish Growth Forum for the Capital region ‘Vækstforum Hovedstaden’ and the ESF have earmarked DKK 20 million (EUR 2.7 million) for a three-year project to counter the impending skilled labour shortage in the maritime industry.

Competence centres set to solve skilled labour shortage
Competence centres set to solve skilled labour shortage (18/06/2015)

The Federation of Tradesmen (Fédération des Artisans, FdA) in Luxembourg will set up competence centres with support from the ESF to provide training and counter the continuing shortage of skilled labour.

Lithuanian project to help thousands of unskilled people
Lithuanian project to help thousands of unskilled people (05/06/2015)

Some 1600 unskilled jobseekers have already obtained professional qualifications since the ESF-funded project ‘Improving competencies of unskilled people’ started in August 2014.

Trades offer way out of long-term unemployment
Trades offer way out of long-term unemployment (30/04/2015)

The Czech NGO ‘Vzájemné soužití’ is organising trade qualification and retraining courses for the long-term unemployed in the east of the Czech Republic. The partly ESF-funded project mainly targets Roma.

Wielkopolska vocational education programme picks up award
Wielkopolska vocational education programme picks up award (27/03/2015)

The project ‘Time for professionals – vocational education in Wielkopolska’ has been awarded the title ‘Best human capital investment 2014’ in the latest edition of the national Polish competition ‘Best ESF practices’.

New opportunities for university dropouts
New opportunities for university dropouts (29/01/2015)

The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research has launched a new round of part ESF-funded projects to spark university dropouts' interest in apprenticeships and vocational training.

New opportunities, new jobs
New opportunities, new jobs (19/12/2014)

Thanks to an ESF-backed project, some 3000 unemployed people in Lithuania can benefit from free training to qualify for professions currently in demand.

Professional diving in La Réunion
Professional diving in La Réunion (05/12/2014)

Six young SCUBA divers were hired to work on the construction of a new coastal road on the French island of Réunion. Their training was financed by the ESF.

Skills to boost business
Skills to boost business (20/11/2014)

Birmingham SMEs can get free maths and English training for their employees.

Banen aan mensen koppelen
Banen aan mensen koppelen (31/10/2014)

In de Drechtsteden worden jongeren bij hun loopbaankeuzes begeleid door professionele “matchmakers”.

Basic skills for all
Basic skills for all (24/10/2014)

In Austria, an ESF-funded initiative offers free literacy courses for adults and helps them finish compulsory education.

New possibilities for the future
New possibilities for the future (24/10/2014)

ESF funding enables people to obtain different professional qualifications in the Bulgarian town of Kyustendil.

ICT skills for better healthcare
ICT skills for better healthcare (10/10/2014)

An ESF-funded project provides free ICT training to healthcare professionals in Poland.

Catching the big fish together
Catching the big fish together (03/10/2014)

Thanks to ESF-funding, future Czech fishermen can go to Poland to practice their skills.

Work in fashion
Work in fashion (01/08/2014)

In Italy fashion students are getting the communications skills that count with ESF support

Selling skills
Selling skills (18/07/2014)

A practical training course in Belgium has given jobseekers a set of saleable skills

Bankable skills
Bankable skills (11/07/2014)

An ESF project in the UK is helping jobseekers to invest in a personal skills portfolio

Over the finish line
Over the finish line (04/07/2014)

In Austria, the exam success of apprentices is being boosted with made-to-measure help

Better legal language
Better legal language (23/06/2014)

A new court-interpreter training course in Finland will give a boost to the justice system

Islands of talent
Islands of talent (06/06/2014)

In the Portuguese Azores the ESF is supporting new professional training courses to boost skills

Digital diplomas
Digital diplomas (28/05/2014)

Jobseekers in Spain are getting IT skills to support culture and heritage

Learning in Lisbon
Learning in Lisbon (16/05/2014)

Young Polish hoteliers obtain international certificates in Portugal thanks to an ESF project

Training programme extended
Training programme extended (09/05/2014)

Estonia is making more ESF funding available for adult education and training

Adult learners
Adult learners (25/04/2014)

A union and university partnership helps students develop skills and work opportunities

Healthcare with foresight
Healthcare with foresight (25/04/2014)

In Slovakia, the ESF is promoting specific medical specialisation training to avoid future shortages

Developing young talent
Developing young talent (13/03/2014)

Slovenia deploys ESF funding to boost the employment of young people in electronic publishing and cultural and arts education

Academic agents
Academic agents (07/02/2014)

In Denmark, an ESF project is helping highly qualified job-seekers into work with local businesses

Training takes off
Training takes off (11/12/2013)

More than 30 000 sign up for new skills training in the Czech Republic

Guaranteed skills
Guaranteed skills (06/12/2013)

In Austria a training guarantee programme is giving young people the skills and openings they need for jobs

Skills for windmills
Skills for windmills (10/10/2013)

Green energy skills are on offer, and in demand, in Finland

Keyboards to success
Keyboards to success (04/10/2013)

Wales invests in IT skills with ESF help – for today and the future

A Cretan lifelong learning diet
A Cretan lifelong learning diet (20/09/2013)

Crete kicks off a new lifelong learning centre which expects some 1600 students to sign up

Skills that matter
Skills that matter (30/08/2013)

ESF training worth EUR 1 million launched in Dorset, UK

Teaching the teachers
Teaching the teachers (30/08/2013)

In Bulgaria, schoolteachers are being offered new competences and skills as part of their career development

Geroepen om mensen op te leiden
Geroepen om mensen op te leiden (22/08/2013)

Nederlandse school voor praktijkonderwijs wint vertrouwen en krijgt meer financiële middelen

e-educators (25/07/2013)

In Estonia, 12 700 teachers gain ICT skills

Recognising soft skills
Recognising soft skills (18/07/2013)

The Czech Republic is taking steps to raise the profile of ‘informal education’ and the skills that go with it

Golden skills
Golden skills (09/07/2013)

Young European professionals shine at the WorldSkills competition in Germany

Customer-facing skills
Customer-facing skills (26/06/2013)

Italian region favours jobs, business and tourism with training that is targeted at local needs

The craft of the carpenter
The craft of the carpenter (23/05/2013)

Polish apprentices are in Germany to learn the precision skills needed for constructing and repairing wooden buildings

Online skills key to jobs in Spain
Online skills key to jobs in Spain (10/05/2013)

ESF support is helping to train people in IT skills and employ them to boost the online presence of the Avilés municipality

First job? Safety first!
First job? Safety first! (11/04/2013)

Latvia is using ESF funding to ensure new and potential employees will be better protected from accidents at work

Fit for the high street
Fit for the high street (25/03/2013)

Luxembourg Fit4Commerce programme completes third training round for job-seekers in the booming retail sector

Raising skills and opportunities
Raising skills and opportunities (12/03/2013)

A regional business association in Portugal is offering specialised courses to raise skills and qualification

Certificates for creative careers
Certificates for creative careers (12/03/2013)

In Northern Ireland artistic jobseekers are getting the formal training and qualifications that open pathways to work

Banen en biodiversiteit koppelen
Banen en biodiversiteit koppelen (01/03/2013)

Een recent rapport beschrijft de relatie tussen werkgelegenheid en de biodiversiteitsdoelstellingen van Europa - en bekijkt welke nieuwe vaardigheden werknemers daarvoor moeten leren.

Competitive business advice
Competitive business advice (28/02/2013)

SMEs and women entrepreneurs in southern Poland can access free consulting to boost their competitiveness

Switching skills
Switching skills (21/02/2013)

Danish region is using ESF funding to help the long-term unemployed switch careers

Virtual learning, real qualifications
Virtual learning, real qualifications (31/01/2013)

Further education colleges in Germany are helping working professionals with a growing armoury of on-line degree courses

More women in adult education
More women in adult education (31/01/2013)

In Denmark, the ESF is supporting an increase in skill levels among female workers

Building momentum
Building momentum (09/01/2013)

Ireland launches training courses for the unemployed offering skills that are in demand

Training opportunities in Portugal
Training opportunities in Portugal (19/12/2012)

Free training courses are on offer to workers and job-seekers with ESF support

The language of success
The language of success (21/11/2012)

Hungary is supporting foreign language skills and IT training to boost employability and competitiveness

Better people skills
Better people skills (14/11/2012)

The ESF in France is promoting better people-management skills among SMEs

Building a better business
Building a better business (28/09/2012)

Cypriot architects use ESF funding to boost employee productivity

ESF: een belangrijke promotor voor een leven lang leren
ESF: een belangrijke promotor voor een leven lang leren (07/08/2012)

Een nieuw evaluatierapport laat zien dat het ESF een belangrijke rol speelt in het financieren van initiatieven in het kader van een leven lang leren in de hele EU. Het rapport bekijkt de impact van deze activiteiten voor jongeren, oudere werknemers en laagopgeleide mensen.

Polishing IT skills
Polishing IT skills (03/08/2012)

A Polish university is helping industry meet the demand for computer experts

Upgrading medical skills
Upgrading medical skills (08/06/2012)

A training programme for medical professionals in Latvia is being expanded to meet the demand for new and better skills

A portal for medical practitioners
A portal for medical practitioners (01/06/2012)

Slovakia has launched an online portal for doctors to boost e-learning and the dissemination of the latest medical findings

Sweden boosts cleaner competences
Sweden boosts cleaner competences (21/05/2012)

In Sweden, training is helping to professionalise the cleaning-services sector and raise its workers’ status

Big screen skills for teachers in Lithuania
Big screen skills for teachers in Lithuania (03/04/2012)

Schoolteachers are being offered ‘cinema skills’ to help them make learning more attractive

Estonia supports ‘back to school’
Estonia supports ‘back to school’ (11/11/2011)

ESF funds return to vocational education in Estonia to enhance skills

Railway employees on the right track
Railway employees on the right track (30/09/2011)

An ESF-funded project is providing training to Romanian Railways’ employees

Cyprus improves tourism skills
Cyprus improves tourism skills (09/09/2011)

In Cyprus, ESF funding is helping boost skills in the tourism sector by offering training in the off-season periods

Pushing IT skills in Spain
Pushing IT skills in Spain (25/08/2011)

An ESF project in Spain is helping a range of people to boost their IT skills

Doing more in Bulgaria
Doing more in Bulgaria (25/08/2011)

The nationwide ‘I can do more’ training scheme is attracting much interest in Bulgaria

Scotland supports café society
Scotland supports café society (21/03/2011)

An ESF project in Scotland is using training to help the food and drink sector

Lifelong learning rises in Estonia
Lifelong learning rises in Estonia (09/03/2011)

Estonia sees a welcome rise in lifelong learning – but specialists are still lacking

Poland: new skills for robotics
Poland: new skills for robotics (02/03/2011)

The ESF in Poland is training robotics experts to meet the needs of industry.

Helping horticulture in Spain
Helping horticulture in Spain (21/02/2011)

The Murcia region in Spain is training export managers in its thriving fruit and vegetable sector to respond to its future needs.

Training tourism leaders
Training tourism leaders (09/02/2011)

An ESF co-funded programme for tourism managers and supervisors in Malta is launching a second training round.

Getting online in Greece
Getting online in Greece (04/02/2011)

Free computer courses for adults and vulnerable groups kick off in Ioannina, Greece.

Wales boosts creative industry
Wales boosts creative industry (31/01/2011)

ESF provides a boost for creative skills training in Wales

Aligning teachers’ skills
Aligning teachers’ skills (31/12/2010)

A Polish city is using ESF funding to prepare its teachers and trainers for the future needs of the region

Union on Reunion
Union on Reunion (01/12/2010)

On the Isle of Réunion an ESF project is giving aspiring fishermen vital skills

Rampart restoration
Rampart restoration (02/11/2010)

A medieval French town is rebuilding its ancient walls while giving it’s unemployed citizens new skills in restoration work

Greener glens
Greener glens (01/11/2010)

Scotland announces 650 low-carbon training places

Danish-Polish recipe for success
Danish-Polish recipe for success (31/10/2010)

Co-operation between culinary schools in Poland and Denmark for better teaching and better chefs

Boosting IT in Wales
Boosting IT in Wales (02/10/2010)

ESF supports investment boost for strategically important digital technology sector in Wales

Poland is upskilling its teachers
Poland is upskilling its teachers (30/09/2010)

ESF projects in Poland are building leadership skills in schools and providing paths into the teaching profession for aspiring vocational teachers

Getting what IT takes
Getting what IT takes (02/09/2010)

The ESF is co-funding IT sales and marketing training in Tuscany to meet local business needs

Slovak manufacturer training and retaining staff
Slovak manufacturer training and retaining staff (31/07/2010)

Packaging company seeks to raise adaptability

Ireland boosts digital skills
Ireland boosts digital skills (02/07/2010)

Ireland launches IT project to get businesses online and build valuable digital skills

Fluent about safety
Fluent about safety (30/06/2010)

An Italian ESF project is helping immigrant workers work in safety

Lifelong learning numbers increase
Lifelong learning numbers increase (01/06/2010)

Estonia to train 73 000 adults by 2013

French pathways to work
French pathways to work (01/06/2010)

Skilled workers en route to a secure future

Turning out smart workers
Turning out smart workers (01/06/2010)

‘Train to Gain’ boosts job opportunities in north-east of England

Guild skills
Guild skills (03/05/2010)

ESF supports mentoring of young Finnish metal workers

Building skills
Building skills (01/04/2010)

ESF supports traditional skills in the construction industry the south east of England

The language of work
The language of work (01/04/2010)

A win-win Swedish language project helps both elderly people and their immigrant carers

The business of farming
The business of farming (03/03/2010)

Cornwall’s young farmers seek new business skills