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Training for a bright future in Sweden


The ESF has been funding projects to support jobs, help people get better jobs and ensure fairer job opportunities across Europe. This article focuses on two project in Sweden and shares the human stories behind the project.

Training the Swedish language in a working environment

The Competence and Collaboration project in Sweden offers immigrants workplace and language training. It was created by the Laplands Learning Centers, and the municipalities of Jokkmokk, Gällivare, Kiruna and Pajala organisation.

Beneficiaries are required to undertake 6 months of on-the-job training in which they will learn the Swedish language by talking to colleagues and customers. This aims to provide not only employment but also a bigger social network to build on.

Project Manager Kurt Wennberg stated that ‘being able to train the Swedish language in a working environment and at the same time gaining training, the employability of the newcomers increased’.

Watch the "Competence and Collaboration project" video

See how the "Competence and Collaboration" project is helping immigrant's in Sweden.

Helping young people discover their talents

The idea of young people training other young people is a benefit to both participants, which is why Hassela Helpline have created the Hassela Movement, in Sweden. 

Thanks to this project, young people who have been excluded or isolated are given the opportunity to learn new skills, and become self-sufficient members of society. The project provides training, which will allow them to coach children and younger people themselves.

The young people who take part gain skills, employment or training, and the schools and organisations they work with get the help they need.

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